Machine Shop & Machining Services


Premier Tool Works provides the following services:

  • Machining - CNC milling, lathe turning, surface grinding

  • Waterjet - metals, plastics, ceramics, stone

  • Welding - MiG, TiG, stick & Oxy-Acetylene

  • Fabrication - brackets, supports, fixtures, complex compound angle forms, formed tubes, custom pipes

  • Plating: Zinc, chrome, electroless nickel, teflon, tin, silver, etc.

  • Anodizing: Type I, Type II, class 1, class 2, dyed, sulfuric, hardcoat, teflon, etc.

  • Deburring, tumbling, polishing, bead blasting

  • Hydraulic tube forming and installation

  • Research & development

  • Prototyping

  • Cad Design

  • Reverse Engineering

  • We offer all conventional machine shop services and a variety of additional services to help you reduce your manufacturing costs. Emergency part repair & fabrication is available to get you back in operation quickly. Whether you need new or replacement  parts, Premier can reverse engineer obsolete or worn out parts to provide quick reproductions, such as:

  • Replacement of worn and obsolete parts, modifications, etc...

  • Machinery parts, gears, shafts, spindles, bearing mounts, etc...

  • Cams, rollers (plain or coated), impellers, supports, bearing mounts, linkages, glue pots, levers, etc...

  • Packaging machinery parts and sub-assemblies

  • Winding machine frames, sections, motor mounts, etc...

  • Printing and processing equipment parts; fingers, laminated springs, tucker blades, etc...

  • Machinery troubleshooting & repair: 

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Pneumatic

  • Hydraulic

  • PLC's  (Approved Systems Integrator for Automation Direct)

  • Controls